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Asbestos and Mesothelioma How to Get Compensation

Asbestos effect on the lungs
In the United States 10,000 people die, per year from asbestos caused diseases, this according to the Environmental Working Group Action Fund. In the united Kingdom at least 4,000 people die from mesothelioma and asbestos related lung cancer because of past exposure to asbestos. This figure will, according to recent reports, continue to rise well into the next decade. Sadly, many people do not even know if they have been exposed to Asbestos in the past, making it difficult to make a claim for compensation. For this reason it is imperative that you should first contact a Doctor, then contact a Mesothelioma Law Firm who will put you in touch with Asbestos Lawyers who specialize in Asbestos Lung Cancer.

Asbestosis show in the lung
Do not wait, do it now before it is to late for. both you and your loved ones, because although money does not compensate you because of an employer or others total disregard for your health, the compensation will help you through the terrible times sufferers of Mesothelioma, or Asbestosis have to put up with. Below you will see just how they have covered up their neglect throughout the ages. Act now. You will notice that I have highlighted certain phrases in this article, these are not links, but if you just copy these phrases into your browser they will take you to the appropriate Mesothelioma Law Firm in your area.

Lung infected with Asbestosis
Just for your information and to prove that Asbestos manufactures new only to well the deadly affects of Asbestos on their employees, the first lawsuits brought against Asbestos manufactures were put in pace as far back as 1929. So with this in mind do not allow these people to sweep this problem under the carpet contact a Mesothelioma Law Firm or Asbestos Lawyers now. and with their help you could be the recipient of compensation just like James Cavett, a retired boiler maker who in 1982 won a record award of $2.3 million in compensation plus $1.5 million in punitive damages

Act Now before it is to late just place any of the highlighted phrases into your Google Browser and click search to find someone who can help you in your area, I have tried all these searches and they will work no matter where you live.
Sources and Credits: Environmental Working Group Action Fund, my friends at Wikipedia for the pictures and Stats.

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Alzheimer's Cases Will Treble Within The Next 35 Years

Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston Had This Disease
Many of you I know have had personal experience with Alzheimer's, or as some people call it dementia and I know that most of you know the devastating effect it has on not just the sufferer, but also his or hers family, I myself have watched two members of my family end their days on this planet a mere shadow of what they were before the onslaught of a disease that does not care who you are, or from where you come from. Please do not think that Alzheimer's is a disease that just affects other people and will not show its ugly head within your home as Alzheimer's, or Dementia according to Alzheimer's Disease International has 44 million people locked into a daily regime of suffering, a staggering statistic which they say will treble over the next 35 years, thus making it one of the most deadly diseases to hit mankind, a decease that will destroy 135 million people from all walks of life.
Auguste Deter 1st  person diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1902

The above explosive figure of 135 million sufferers will it is said, overload already over stretched health authorities, health authorities who have no plan in place, because of a lack of funding from governments to treat our love ones, so it is so important for us all to contact our local counselors, members of parliament, Senators, Congressmen or any other member of your government, to insure that something is done to raise funding so that our children can receive the appropriate treatment if they should fall to this deadly decease.

Authors Note: Please help this cause for the sake of our children, contact your local Alzheimer's support group and find out what you can do. If any of you require any persuading just read the following statistic. In the UK, dementia research receives one eighth of the amount of funding that is spent on cancer, which charities say is insufficient. Secure a future for your children now.

Sources: The Alzheimer's Society and my kind friends at Wikipedia for the pictures

Survive a Heart Attack Know The Heart Attack Symptoms A Survivor Speaks

This Man Did Not Survive Don't Let It Happen To You
It is not my intention to make this a clinical study of a heart attack, but it is  my intention to describe the heart attack symptoms including the early heart attack symptoms often missed by most people, as felt by a survivor, my wife. This article will describe to you what happened before the attack and what happened during the attack, it will also take you through the different stages of her recovery It is my hope that after reading this you will be able to spot the symptoms of a heart attack, thus allowing you to get treatment before you end up like the poor man in the picture adjacent.  The next section will be the only clinical explanation of a heart attack, as described by doctors, but for the main part of the article I thank my wife, these are her words as described to me during her recovery.

Heart Attack in Progress
Clinical definition of a heart attack. Myocardial infarction or acute myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart attack, results from the interruption of blood supply to a part of the heart, causing heart cells to die. This is most commonly due to blockage of a coronary artery following the rupture of a vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque, which is an unstable collection of lipids (cholesterol and fatty acids) and white blood cells (especially macrophages) in the wall of an artery. The resulting ischemia (restriction in blood supply) and ensuing oxygen shortage, if left untreated for a sufficient period of time, can cause damage or death (infarction) of heart muscle tissue (myocardium). As mentioned this is the cause of a heart attack but it sounds terribly complicated and there are words in here that I have never heard of before. For this reason I thank mt Wife who during the cold nights of winter up here in Canada, spent many an hour describing to me the true heart attack symptoms that both I and her missed. Please do not make the same mistake. Please read on.

Diagram of pain zones dark red most typical light red possible
My dear wife.
My wife was a healthy 48 year old woman who did not smoke, was not overweight, did not drink apart from the odd glass of red wine and loved to walk. Nothing was further from hers or my mind that a heart attack was just around the corner. One night about five days before the attack we both retired at about 11pm, all was normal. At about 3am that same night my wife woke me to tell me that she was feeling funny, I asked her what was wrong and she told me that her heart seemed to flutter for a moment and that this gave her a feeling much similar to what we call in England as butterflies in her chest and stomach. After speaking with her, she said that this also made her feel nauseated but not to worry as she now felt OK. This whole episode lasted for no longer than a few seconds and after getting her a glass of water, she fell back to sleep again. That was the last time we thought about it and for the next 5 days life went on as normal. Missed the first sign.

The Human Heart You Only Get One
Five days later the morning of the heart attack.
First thing in the morning, while sitting down to breakfast, my wife said that she was feeling very queasy, just like she did when she was pregnant (morning sickness). But after breakfast she said that she felt fine and that it had passed so we both set off for work. Missed the second sign. At this point I should tell you that my wife was fortunate enough to work in a place where they had a full time nurse and a sickbay. It was this nurse who would save her life in about 3 hours time.

Heart With Blocked Artery My Wife Had This
The heart attack.
All morning my wife worked as normal, laughing, joking with her colleagues and just getting on with things and she felt perfectly well. Then at 12pm (midday) just as she was standing up to go for her lunch that her left arm started to ache. Missed the third sign. She again thought nothing of it thinking it and it had just been the position she had her arm, while using the computer, she then carried on her way to lunch. Just as she got down to the lunch room she felt her jaw starting to ache but it was nothing serious as it did not bother her that much. Missed the fourth sign. Once seated though things started to develop fast, suddenly the ache in her arm changed to real pain (on a scale from 1 - 10 where 10 is the worst) she said it was a six. At this point she thought she might as well go and see the nurse, but on the way the ache in her jaw changed to real pain and still using our scale for the pain she had she said it felt like an eight. On arrival at the nurse station she did not have to say anything, her face had become the color of ash and she was in intense pain, hardly being able to breath. The nurse immediately placed her in a bed and fed her oxygen, while her assistant called for an ambulance and she was rushed to hospital. It was at the hospital that I was called, she would not let a nurse call me but spoke to me herself from the operation table. It took me 15 minutes to get to her side.

Heart showing left wall infraction

The Hospital
On arrival at the hospital I was stricken with the first sight I had of my wife. Her face was the color of ash, she was obviously in great pain and was surrounded by machines and doctors, I was told that I was of no importance what so ever and to stay well clear. While they worked on her trying to save her life, I felt useless, I felt guilty and I felt angry. Why had we missed the signs in the first place? It was all to much, I felt totally overpowered  there was nothing I could do, but to watch, hope and pray. It took these good people the rest of the day to get my wife out of danger, a day both I and I am sure my wife will never forget. It was also a day to show gratitude to all the wonderful doctors and nurses at the hospital and of course the nurse at my wife’s place of work without who my wife would not have survived.

  Coronary stent
The cause and recovery.
My wife was to spend 5 weeks in hospital on her road to recovery and during that time we met many wonderful people, we also learned what had caused the heart attack and what had to be done in order for my wife to make a full recovery. The actual heart attack had been caused by the blockage of one of the main arteries close to the heart,  thus blocking the flow of blood to the heart. In order to protect my wife’s heart they inserted a devise known as a stent, this device is inserted into that artery and expands thus allowing the heart to get a good flow of blood.

Stent Being Placed
The actual operation for this is only about 30 minutes long and is done by inserting a tube (with the stent on the end) into a artery in the leg and threading it up to the heart. The signs of success were dramatic and immediate, from freezing cold hands and ashen face her hands turned warm again and her complexion went back to its normal beautiful color. My wife was back again, one of the lucky ones she will live. That was 14 years ago and my wife has never looked back, she is also the first to let people know what the signs and symptoms of a heart attack are. I will leave you with this one last thought. 75% of people miss the upcoming signs of a heart attack of these 35% will die and just because you think you are healthy and doing all the right things you are not protected for having a heart attack.

Credits: Wikipedia for one paragraph and photos describing the clinical term of a heart attack. But most of all my Wife for being here and taking the time to explain. 


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Know The Symptoms Of Mesothelioma Find A Mesothelioma Law Firm For Compensation

Did you know that many people have been exposed to asbestos a material that can cause lethal Mesothelioma and do not know the danger they are in.  Most people who develop Mesothelioma or, by its real name “malignant mesothelioma” have at some time in their life worked in jobs where for one reason or another, normally because of his or hers employers neglect, inhaled or ingested asbestos fibers, or were once again because of neglect were exposed to airborne asbestos dust and fibers while visiting offices or even shopping centers. There have even been cases where housewives developed this fatal disease after washing their husbands work clothes when he returned home from work. If you or any other person you know, has contracted this disease, it is imperative that you look at your own insurance or contact a medical lawyer with all due haste in order to receive the monies owed to you by your employer or former employer, to help you through the devastating effects this fatal disease has on both you and your loved ones. Full details on how you contact a professional to help you through the stages of claiming can be found below. Please act now.

You will find that you do not have to look far on the Internet to find a variety of lawyers who specialize in this field. Very easy to contact, just choose one of the following specialist firms by entering in your personal browser the following search terms and you will be directed to the closest Mesothelioma Law Firm within a few miles of your home. Best search terms to use are listed below.
medical lawyer
Mesothelioma Law Firm
Asbestos Lawyers
Asbestos Lung Cancer
Mesothelioma Attorneys
Dallas Mesothelioma Attorneys
I have tried all these search terms and they will work in no matter what country you live in, of course the last search term Dallas Mesothelioma Attorneys only applies if you live in Dallas Texas.

 Do not wait if you think you have been exposed act now. If you or a loved one exhibit any of the following symptoms caused by mesothelioma act know before it is to late. Shortness of breath caused by fluid between the lung and the chest wall, chest pain, unexplained weight loss. Act now as despite treatment with chemotherapy, radiation therapy or sometimes surgery, mesothelioma carries a poor prognosis and in most cases result in death.

Take care and act now
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Sources and credits: Health Journal, Wikipedia for some of the stats and pictures.